Skincare Resolutions For The New Year

Skincare Resolutions For The New Year“New Year, New Me” is the mantra of January as people set New Year’s resolutions for themselves and the year ahead. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and your first line of defense, so as you make your New Year’s resolutions, make some aimed towards nourishing and protecting your skin. In the spirit of the New Year, we have provided you with our best skincare resolutions to help you have clear and beautiful skin all year long.


Drinking water helps to keep your skin looking and feeling young and supple. A lack of hydration will reveal itself in the form of dry, tight, and flaky skin. Drink at least eight glasses a day. It is a good practice to drink a glass before every meal and one before bed.

Winter is the driest time of the year, so be sure to help your skin by hydrating it with lotions, repairing creams, and serums to prevent water loss and seal in moisture.

Shower habits

The way you shower can affect your skin by causing irritation from over-exfoliating or drying. Limit your hot water showers and baths to 15 minutes.

Avoid using facial brushes and body exfoliants daily as they can be rough and over-drying on your skin. Instead, exfoliate once or twice a week.

Moisturize within 10 minutes of getting out of the shower while your skin is still damp to trap in extra moisture.

Remember to always shower after a workout to prevent breakouts and other skin conditions. If you don’t have time to shower at the gym, be sure to wipe down and dry off your body thoroughly before putting on clean clothes and shower as soon as you can.

Wash your face

Even if you might have had a long and crazy day (or night), remember to wash your face before going to bed. Washing your face throughout the day can help you combat acne and excess oils, but be sure to use a gentle cleanser so as not to strip your skin of all its natural oils. Follow up with a light moisturizer during the day but a heavier moisturizer at night.

If you wear makeup, you should wash your face twice when removing it for the day. Once to get rid of makeup, dirt, and oil and a second time to actually wash your face and clean your skin. Remember to clean your makeup brushes once a week with a gentle soap or baby shampoo and allow them to dry over the sink to avoid spreading bacteria and developing breakouts.

Rebuild your regimen (and stick with it!)

The new year is a great time to rebuild your skincare routine. An appointment with a dermatologist can help you determine your skin type and recommend approved products that will produce beautiful and gentle results.

The key components of any good skincare routine are a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and retinol.

Your skin craves routine and needs time to adjust to products for optimal results. This means once you find a routine that works, stick with it. A new routine can take up to six weeks to fully show it’s results, so don’t give up.


Wear sunscreen regardless of the weather daily to prevent sun damage, which can lead to brown spots, lesions, premature aging, and skin cancer. Place a thin layer on your face, ears, chest, neck, and any other exposed areas. If you are worried about looking greasy, look for products that are labeled “non-greasy” or “sheer.”

Schedule an exam

Come in for an annual exam, even if you think you check yourself regularly. Yearly visits to the dermatologist can be crucial to protecting your skin. Our dermatologist can address any conditions or questions you may have and even recommend products based on your needs and wants.

Sometimes the simpler tips can be the most difficult to commit to, but when you see your healthy glowing skin, it will have been worth it. For more information on how to revamp your routine or tips on how to take care of your skin, contact Dermatology Specialist, Inc today.

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