In Southern California, the treatment of skin cancer requires removal of the lesion plus a margin of healthy tissue for safety. Mohs micrographic surgery is used by Dermatology Specialists, Inc. for certain skin cancers located on the face or other cosmetically sensitive areas, when the skin cancer is in an area where recurrence is likely, and for large tumors and certain aggressive types of skin cancer. Of all treatment options for skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery:

  • Offers the highest cure rate (up to 99%)
  • Has the lowest rate of cancer recurrence
  • Is the most exact and precise means of removal with the least scarring

During this procedure, the tumor is removed and divided into sections. Tissue-thin slices are examined under the microscope to determine if there is any malignancy in the outer areas.

If so, more tissue is removed and the process repeats until the doctor is reasonably certain no cancer remains. While this procedure is time consuming, it saves as much normal skin as possible. It is also quite cost-effective since fewer return visits are needed for treatment of recurring lesions.

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