Acne Treatment FAQS

At our offices in Murrieta, San Marcos, Solana Beach, and Oceanside, skin care services designed to rejuvenate your skin and relax your mind and body are provided by the estheticians at our SkinSaver Center. All of our Riverside and San Diego County skin care professionals at the SkinSaver Center are trained by Dermatology Specialists physicians to analyze your specific skin type and concerns and to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Chemical Peels

Acne is a common condition, often associated with adolescence, as it affects about 75% of all teenagers. However, acne can occur at any age – from infancy through adulthood – and, of course, it is unpleasant at any stage of life. Acne is easily recognizable by its characteristic blackheads, whiteheads, red pimples, and cysts. This condition causes physical and social discomfort and can lead to scarring and even self-esteem issues. At our offices in Riverside and San Diego County, acne treatments are more effective than ever before. We now have a variety of options for treating mild to severe acne.

About Acne

Acne is a skin disorder that occurs when the oil glands in the hair follicles become clogged. They may also produce more oil than is necessary to adequately lubricate the skin. During the teen years, in particular, hormonal changes often overstimulate these glands. In addition, for reasons that are still not well understood, hair follicles can become obstructed with dead skin cells and other debris. When this occurs, bacteria inside the obstructed follicle can create inflamed acne lesions. These usually occur on the face, but they can also appear on the back and chest. Acne often clears up by the early twenties but may occur in adulthood, as it can be aggravated by menstrual periods, oral contraceptives, steroids, and stress.

Treating Acne

At Dermatology Specialists, Inc. we offer a variety of oral and topical medications for the treatment of acne. We also offer laser therapy (PDT) for acne treatment at our Southern California offices. This system utilizes laser energy plus Levulan (aminolevulinic acid) to:

  • Clear up active lesions
  • Kill bacteria
  • Decrease oil production

The bi-weekly treatments can produce a significant clearance of acne in as little as 2 to 4 weeks, with results that can last 6 to 12 months. We can also combine this therapy with medications and chemical peels for the optimal long-term management of your acne.

Never before have there been more safe and effective options for treating acne. If you are battling this common problem, don’t suffer needlessly.

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