Lorraine N. – Yelp
Dr. Venkat at Dermatology Specialists is amazing.I was having a skin issue, which was worsening by the minute. I went to my primary care doctor twice, but wasn’t sure he knew exactly what the issue was.  I called my prior dermatologist, and they said they could get me in 3 weeks later….WTH?! I am your patient, my forehead is swollen and getting worse by the minute and that is all you can do for me?  A friend referred Dr. Venkat, and they were able to get me in the next day.  He is kind, thorough, and knew exactly what the problem was.  Prescribed medication, told me what to expect, etc.  The manner about him is just so comforting, you don’t doubt for one second that he knows exactly what he is talking about.  He is now my dermatologist, already been back for preventive and sent the hubby who liked him also.  Office staff is nice and efficient. No waiting in the lobby way past your appointment time either.  Highly recommend!