I see Dr Samady once a year to check my moles and he also checks my facial skin as I use their prescription skincare (which is amazing by the way). I have been coming to this office to get my RX fading gel for my dark spots (which I no longer have but need to keep using to prevent them coming back) and my Retinol. The skincare is not cheap but better than any over the counter products I have ever used. They compound it right there and I go in every 30 days to get a refill. They are always quick and I’m in and out in 10mins.

– Justine H.

After reading the scathing reviews of this practice, I almost changed PCP to get referred to another practice. But I decided to give them a try and decide for myself. And am I glad I did! Have had nothing but positive experience with staff and doctors. Had Mohs surgery done by Dr. Wong and results were even better than I had hoped. Also had treatment by Dr. Venkat and everything was fine. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone.
( This is for the Oceanside office )

– Gordon Z.