Terry L Woods Wesley – Google

The staff is always so helpful and friendly….!! Dr Venkat is amazing! Thank you again for all you do. You are a wonderful Dr!

A Google User  – Google

Great doctor and staff! Very organized and helpful.

Teresa D.  – Yelp

I’ve been going here for a little over a year. Every three to four months. Dr. Yasmin Anwar changed my life! Because of hormone replacements due to menopause, my neck and face were breaking out with cyst like pimples. Dr. Anwar put me on a regimen of pill medication (which also treats my high blood presure) face wash, topical lotion and cream. My skin is now…fabulous! My prescriptions are filled with my mail order pharmacy before I even leave the office. I have never had to wait to be seen. The office staff couldn’t be more friendly and nice. I just went two weeks ago to have her take a cyst off the top of my head. Easy and not painful. Had the stiches out a few days ago. Dr. Anwar couldn’t be more professional and friendly. I don’t understand the negative reviews…I’m thinking it’s the patients not the Doctor or their staff.

Donna DiSilvestro Boggs – Facebook
Nice spacious office and Dr did a through exam and history.

J P. – Yelp
Like the last review, not sure why the reviews are bad…my daughter went about a month ago for dryness on her face, got it handled. My husband and I both had appointments yesterday. No issues getting the appointments made on the phone, we both got called back within 5 minutes of our appointment times, and Malia saw both of us. She was very nice, listened to our concerns, treated spots, removed moles, and recommended a good routine for my very dry skin since moving from the East coast to the West coast.

Fred M. – Yelp
Doctor Thiele is my Dermatologist in Murrieta, California.For the last four years, I have had the Blue Light treatment every six months to control my skin cancer. The last two Tuesdays at 9 have I had a Blue Light treatments, one on my face and one on the top of my head. The treatment pain was very intense, however, I knew that many cells of cancer would be killed and that’s why I had the treatment.I had four specialists give me the treatments. The first treatment was administered by Nurse Jackie and technician Ms. Cindy. And the second treatment was administered by Nurse Beatriz and technician Mr. Troy. These four specialists were the absolute best, that I’m sure of.It will take approximately five days to stay in the closed in the home. Little lite can be allowed to reach the top of my head or face, however, I’m extremely grateful for this procedure. I then use a lot of protection to keep my skin covered with skin protection and moisturizer. I highly recommend this treatment for any that the dermatologist suggest needed.Good luck in your cancer control. Please be alert and safe. Semper Fidelis to Christ first, Fred Mitchell.

Tracy M. – Yelp
I was promptly greeted upon arrival. Before I could even complete the paperwork I was called back to a room. Dr Sirichotiratana came in not 5 minutes after the short information gathering session by the assistant. What can I say about Dr. Siri? Well, her name is bigger than her. She speaks as though she had 3 double espressos twenty minutes before I met her.I thought she was businesslike and fine. She answered all questions and explained everything to me. I thought she appeared self-assured and professional. I had a full body skin cancer check. I am sharing this because I went to another derm in the valley & requested one & he got too flustered and odd and never really did it. I was impressed with her and the staff. This was not my first visit there as I had taken my son previously to another Dr there. It’s always clean and friendly. Definitely recommended!

Nick L. – Yelp
Not sure where all of the bad reviews are coming from.I’ve gone here about two years ago and then recently as well, and had no issues. The staff is friendly, and the office looks great.We had some issues with my pharmacy, and using the correct brand for insurance purposes, but Dermatology Specialists was responsive, and we got it figured out (thanks Jackie!).

Kimmy D. – Yelp
All the staff here are great.  I started a job as a flight Attendant and with that job came New stresses … my skin showed it too. I broke out like i was in high school again… They helped get my skin under control again and for that i am so thankful !

Fred M. – Yelp
Letter of compliment; cases of Dr. Thiele and Medical Assistant Nurse Samantha.I find it difficulty to understand how Dr. Thiele and Nurse Samantha can be all that they can be for their clients. This Team is truly an “A Team” that not only possesses the medical skills that can not be duplicated, in my opinion, but also possesses the customer service skills that are equally above the norm. My skin cancer requires sever removing of the cancer by the use of something called Moal, this  spelling might be wrong.It takes special and careful digging deep to remove the cancer. The skills that Dr. “T” possesses is truly second to none. He is very calm and methodical when it comes to his job.He is constantly mentioning different skills to use to his nurses, plus, he is constantly asking me if I’m comfortable, do you feel this or that etc..Dr. “T” has a following in Oceanside as well as the Murrieta/Temecula Valley. I am so very proud of my four years of being handled by Doctor Thiele.No one desires skin cancer, however, being treated by Doctor Thiele and his staff, I’m more comfortable knowing that I’m in great professional medical hands. Thanks Doctor “T”.Semper Fidelis to Christ first,Fred Mitchell.