Back-To-School Skincare Tips

Back-To-School Skincare TipsWe know that this upcoming school year will be different from the years before. Some are returning to classrooms with masks while others continue with virtual studies. Whatever the school year looks like for you, we are here for all your skincare needs and want to make sure you and your skin are happy and healthy.

Schedule An Appointment

We recommend patients come in annually for a dermatology exam. We are happy to provide you with a full-body exam to check any moles or other suspicious spots on your skin. Bring any questions or concerns you may have about skincare and how to have healthy skin. Don’t hesitate to bring up anything that might concern you, as often a quick check can help diagnose any spots or areas you may be worried about.

Another benefit of scheduling your exam before the start of term is even if you aren’t suffering from breakouts, a routine check-up can help you to start the year out clear and fresh. We can help you determine your skin type or type of blemishes and acne that have been bothering you lately. After your exam, we can discuss what beauty and cosmetic products are right for you and your needs.

Make A Routine

Even if your day is extremely busy with classes, work, or extra-curricular activities, it is important to take time out of your day to care for your skin. Creating a good skincare habit is crucial to having youthful, glowing skin. Your routine doesn’t need to be complex, contain expensive products, or take hours to complete. We can help you find a routine that works for you and your lifestyle.

Do your best to stick to a routine. Though it won’t always mean you’ll have crystal clear skin, regular skincare habits can help you avoid painful blemishes and breakouts.

Be sure to check your products regularly, as cosmetic products do have expiration dates. It is very common for eye makeup and lip products to grow bacteria that can become harmful, so be sure to toss out products past their date and never share products.

Don’t Pop

Though it can be tempting to pop a pimple, especially before a big event, popping your pimples can lead to scarring and may spread acne-causing bacteria leading to more breakouts. Instead, wash with a good cleanser and use topical ointments to reduce the size. They won’t magically disappear overnight. It takes time for products to work, but you should quickly notice a reduction in redness and swelling. By using products regularly, you can also fight off future breakouts and pimples.


Exfoliation is a key to healthy skin as it works to remove dead cells, bacteria, and debris from the surface of your skin and keep your pores clear. However, it is important not to use an exfoliator that is too rough or to exfoliate too often as it can irritate, damage, and dry out your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, we may recommend only exfoliating once a week while others may be able to do so twice. During your consultation, we can discuss which types are right for your skin type and goals. Always moisturize after exfoliating.


During sleep, your body works to refresh and repair any damage accumulated throughout the day so that you can awaken ready for the day. Your skin is the same! Make sure you give your body time to rest. Studies show adults should sleep 7-8 hours a day, and growing children need even more.

Choose Warm Water

Even though hot baths and showers sound relaxing and inviting, the harshness can be too much for your skin. The temperature of the water can upset your skin’s balance by stripping away oils that keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It can also lead to inflammation, redness, dryness, and itchy skin. Instead, we recommend using warm water and moisturizing right afterward to lock in hydration.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Unmanaged stress can lead to forgoing good habits such as getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, or remembering to follow a skincare routine. Though we know school and work can be overwhelming, it is important to try to be mindful of your stress levels for both your health and skin!

With summer over, start the year off right by scheduling an appointment with our office. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and a regular skincare routine can make sure your skin is hydrated, glowing, and beautiful this year. For more information on our skincare tips or to schedule an appointment, contact Dermatology Specialists, Inc. today.

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